Collateral damage

Battle Over Tyzanite​ 




Collateral Damage is fast explosive colourful carnage. Robots are fighting over the last remaining resources of their crumbling planet. Nine heroes to choose from each of them with there own unique playstyle and abilities.

Each robot has a unique personality and combat style. They fight for both individual and factional gain. Each robot is equipped with at least one melee weapon, and one ranged weapon. They use tactical skills to overcome opponents.

This game is a mix of games containing MODA, Brawler, Arena and Resources elements.

Heroes level and grow over time each hero plays differently in a match. Heroes can race into combat and smash the way to victory or collect energy resources and gain the power to win the match.

Players fight independently or team up, but each player is fighting collectively to win the war for one of three factions. Each player victory goes to there faction. At the end of each year, factions win maps and resources bonuses for the areas that are captured.




Hero Arena Brawler



Up to 8 players online with split-screen local or Split Screen Online multiplayer


Planned Platform Releases

PC Steam

Xbox One

PlayStation 4



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